Wednesday, December 6, 2017

International Entrepreneur Levon Termendzhyan Promotes Clean Air

Clean air industry veteran Levon Termendzhyan leads a number of companies around the world. In addition to operating 12 diesel truck stops in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties through Lion Tank Line, he serves as equity owner of Viscon USA and owner of Viscon International. Viscon USA is a clean air company that sells Viscon, a fuel additive that reduces toxic emissions from diesel fuel, which Viscon International backs and distributes. Thanks to Levon Termendzhyan’s efforts, Viscon has been introduced into the Russian railroad market, received a purchase agreement from the US government, and undergone testing in Turkey, Mexico, Australia, and the United States.

Through Viscon International, Mr. Termendzhyan also serves on the San Francisco Global Trade Council. Through this position, he continues to introduce the product to buyers and sellers around the world and fosters relationships with energy markets in Mexico, Qatar, South America, and Singapore. Mr. Termendzhyan maintains a close connection to ITOCHU and Valero Energy Corporation and is involved in a joint venture with Ibris Bio-Fuels.

In tandem with these endeavors, Levon Termendzhyan owns Noil Energy Group and SBK Holding. Through the latter company, he has invested more than $500 million in over half a dozen Turkish companies.