Monday, April 2, 2018

San Francisco Global Trade Council Fosters International Ties

Under the guidance of Levon Termendzhyan, Viscon International manufactures an innovative clean energy fuel additive that received certification and verification from the California Air Resources Board and could become a candidate to assist in the state’s goal of achieving mandated emissions reductions. Active in his field, Levon Termendzhyan belongs to a range of professional organizations, including the San Francisco Global Trade Council (SFGTC). 

A respected industry group, SFGTC provides members with extended opportunities to network with fellow business leaders from Northern California and around the world. For example, the council offers members the option to attend exclusive policy and trade briefings, where they can meet and discuss ideas with government leaders and industry influencers. In addition, SFGTC conferences and lunchtime events introduce the Bay Area business community to representatives of other nations’ governments with whom they can discover common interests.

Members also gain access to the council’s trade missions, providing an opportunity to travel to meet other governments’ leaders and businesspeople who can demonstrate firsthand the industrial and commercial situations in their own countries.

Wells Fargo, UPS, Virgin America, and Chevron are among the large corporations that partner with the SFGTC for the benefit of the local and national business communities.